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Welcome to First Class Learning Bracknell, offering flexible timings, having strong faculty and dynamic learning opportunity for all the students. We are recognized as one of the leading first class learning or the best after school tuition centers with a track record of improving the school performance and exam results.

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First Class Learning Bracknell is an international private tuition service provider

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Physics Tution

A Level Revision

Private tuition on a one-to-one basis is surely the most productive way to get educated.

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Chemistry Tution

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Parents may choose a home tutor for tuition to help a child catch up, to study a new

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  • Focus on developing the skill
  • Customised attention
  • Courses personalised to specific needs of the students
  • Strengthening the base
  • Increasing interest in the subjects

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Chemistry Tution


Being one of the best physics tuition centers, we acknowledge that some of the students require additional help to meet the success criteria of the school; therefore, First Class Learning Bracknell is an ideal place to contact the teachers for such kind of help. All our staff members have the essential training, experience, and knowledge to provide expert advice for such requests.

First Class Learning Bracknell center is not only a learning space but a hub which has excellent faculty that gives personal attention to all the kids and supports them according to their needs, for example, chemistry tuition etc. When we register your child with us, it is our prime duty to help them in gaining skills along with instilling good study habits and developing their interest in the subjects.

We customise our Maths and English tuitions center to suit individual needs and our courses are designed to focus on the development of the confidence, self-esteem and the memory power of all the kids. Our tuition center focuses on skills and knowledge as we believe that it is key to acquire the knowledge is much more important than just focusing on the success of the exams.

Maths tuition center

First Class Learning

The First Class Learning Bracknell courses have been designed in the UK and we follow the school curriculum followed in Ascot, Winkfield, and Woking. This makes the work directly relevant to pupils. Whether you are searching for a maths tuition online or an English tutor we are here to offer you the support your child needs to excel in their school and their working life later-on.

First Class Learning is a fine after-school learning center providing top quality Maths and English tuition services that help your child improve their performance in the class.

Our service is available at competitive rates. You can visit us with prior appointment to discuss your specific needs.

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