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Are you willing to find a tutor for your son or daughter? You are at the right place!

Parents may choose a home tutor for tuition to help a child catch up, to study a new subject outside the school, to challenge a child or to provide more attention than is possible in a classroom. A tutor providing home tuition is precisely matched to your requirements.

Tutoring can increase confidence, enhance enjoyment, enhance school performance or motivation in a topic and develop solid study skills and discipline that will assist in all facets of life. A home tutor can also provide adult learning; therefore, private tuition is not only for children!

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Looking for a qualified teacher for English tuition? At First Class Learning Bracknell, we have faculty that helps improve your kid’s self-confidence and makes learning fun by keeping your children engaged. Our teachers have worksheets, educational assessment and personalised programs created for the individual kids.

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Maths and English are the two key subjects that every student needs for success in their adult life. A team of academicians in Ascot, Winkfield, and Woking designed the Maths and English programs to suit the national curriculum and equip your kids with the necessary skills required for the success at the school. Our Maths and English tutor cover all the key topics included in the school curriculum. We help the child build a strong foundation so that they can excel in the subjects.

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